Ana Sayfa Dıy 7 ways to refresh your old closet

7 ways to refresh your old closet

Furniture gets old, worn out… instead of throwing away your old and worn furniture, you can update it by putting makeup on them. In this way, you also get an economic solution. You can consider many suggestions for renovating an old cabinet. But you need to sand them before applying them. After sanding, you may need to apply 1-2 layers of paint. After your paint dries, the Polish process will protect the paint and make your furniture look more stylish.
You can choose colors suitable for the design of the place where you will place your closet, decorate it with different objects. It’s also a nice idea to stick plates in different designs that you can get from building markets. You can also integrate the objects at hand into your furniture. For example, you can make the handles of the closet that you will repaint for the children’s room from your child’s toys.
7 design apps that can give you ideas before renovating your closet…

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